Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it true that the California state seismic standards were changed and possibly relaxed? If so, how did that affect how the Health System spends money to meet the seismic retrofit requirements at Tahoe Forest Hospital?
Answer: While some requirements did change, the bottom line for Tahoe Forest Hospital is our buildings were not compliant, even with the relaxed requirements. Tahoe Forest Hospital was required to comply by 2013.

Question: What involvement did the Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) have in the decision-making of the Health System as it relates to the budgeting, project planning, project design or allocation of Measure C funds?
Answer: The COC's formal responsibilities were the regular review of expenditures of the bond proceeds to oversee that the proceeds were spent according to Measure C language and intent, and keeping the community informed about those expenditures. The COC has no authority over the planning or design of the buildings, nor the allocation of Measure C funds. However, the Hospital District has made clear its intentions that all the COC members were to be kept informed on progress and decisions. If the COC determined it wished to advise the TFHD Board of related matters, the Board and staff indicated they would welcome input related to the appropriate spending of the Measure C proceeds.

Question: What entity had decision-making authority to budgeting, project planning, project design, or allocation of Measure C Funds?
Answer: The District’s Planning Committee oversaw project from the front end, and those meetings were all open to the public. The Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board of Directors was the ultimate decision-making body with respect to all matters related to Measure C funds.

Question: How were the COC's findings communicated?
Answer: The COC reviewed and analyzed annual independent audit reports in addition to ongoing review of the expenditure of Measure C funds. Its findings were communicated to the TFHD Board, and to the community via this website and other available media.

Question: How did the Citizens Oversight Committee assure Measure C funds were expended properly?
Answer: Monthly balance sheet and profit and loss statements provided by the Tahoe Forest Hospital District were reviewed by the committee. In addition, project invoices were selected monthly for analysis. Back-up documentation was requested and reviewed for large invoices, new vendor invoices, plus a random selection from all invoices.

Question: Who selected the members who served on the Citizens Oversight Committee?
Answer: The Board of Directors of the Tahoe Forest Hospital District appointed members representing a diverse spectrum of community members as outlined in the Citizens Oversight Committee bylaws. The public was solicited for applications to be considered for appointment.

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